Drag Racing Association of Women

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DRAW's motto is "Fast Help For Fast Friends" and our sole mission is providing financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in a drag racing accident at a track.

Financial assistance paid 1985-2014 - $4,183,942
Number of families assisted 1985-2014 -  825

Amount of aid paid out in 2014 - $128,500

Number of families assisted in 2014 - 30
During the month of June DRAW paid out $14,000 in aid and helped 11 families
Everyone is invited to DRAW's auction at the Texas Motorplex on October 17th!

Fans and racers are welcome to enjoy a special night for a special cause. Here is your chance to become the owner of one of the numerous highly sought after collectible items that will be auctioned off to help provide assistance to drivers and crew members injured in a drag racing accident at a track. Bob Frey with the assistance of Alan Reinhart will be offering these items up for bids at DRAW’s Annual Auction which takes place on Saturday, October 17 beginning at 7:30 p.m. during the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals in Ennis, Texas.

The live auction will be held inside the Champion Club which is located next to the staging lanes.

The Drag Racing Association of Women provides assistance to drivers and crew members injured in a drag racing accident at a racetrack.

Several of the biggest stars in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series regularly attend and bidding wars provide as much entertainment as their contributions provide help for fellow racers.

Below is a list of the items received as of October 6, 2015.

For more information or to donate an item,

please contact:

Rosalee Noble


217 345-6537


2015 DRAW Auction items received as of October 6th, 2015
  1. Extremely rare piece-there may not be another set like this. Set of six cards from the 60th U.S. Nationals in 2014 commemorating the six most memorable events from the 60 years of the U.S. Nationals. Not only is this the complete set of six, but each of the six is signed on the back by the racers depicted on the card. The cards are framed in a clear glass frame so you can see both sides of the cards. It’s doubtful that the winner of this item will ever see another set of these.

  2. Kenny Youngblood “King of Speed” lithograph signed by Youngblood, Kenny Bernstein and Dale Armstrong.

  3. Kenny Youngblood “In the Spotlight” lithograph signed by Youngblood and John Force

  4. Kenny Youngblood “Rock ‘N Roll Racing” lithograph signed by Youngblood and John Force

  5. Kenny Youngblood “Taken by Force” lithograph, signed by Youngblood and Force

  6. Kenny Youngblood “Proud to be an American” lithograph signed by Kenny Youngblood, Rick Stewart and Tony Schumacher

  7. Kenny Youngblood lithograph of Wally Parks, signed by Youngblood, with three Wally Parks cards including one signed by Wally Parks.

  8. Kenny Youngblood lithograph of Don Prudhomme exhibit at the Wally Parks Museum, signed by Don Prudhomme

  9. Kenny Youngblood lithograph “Toliver Mad Car”, signed by Youngblood and Jerry Toliver

  10. Jef Caudle “Texas Style” lithograph signed by Eddie Hill

  11. David Carl Peters “Bird of Prey” lithograph signed by Peters and John Force

  12. David Carl Peters “The Launch” lithograph, signed by Peters and Scott Kalitta

  13. David Carl Peters “Carved in Stone” lithograph signed by Kenny Bernstein and Dale Armstrong

  14. David Carl Peters “A Wing and a Prayer” lithograph signed by Gary Scelzi, Tony Schumacher and former RFC Chaplain Ken Owen

  15. David Carl Peters lithograph of Don Schumacher

  16. Shirley Muldowney “Last Pass” lithograph signed by Shirley Muldowney

  17. Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen Barrett Jackson Hot Wheels poster, signed by Snake and Mongoose

  18. John Force racing team collage consisting of Eric Medlen personally signed handout and cards signed by John Force, Robert Hight, Ashley Force, Courtney Force, Brittany Force, John Medlen, Bernie Fedderly, Austin Coil and Jim Prock.

  19. NHRA Top Ten and Legends collage: cards signed by the NHRA Top Ten plus legends Wally Parks, Buster Couch, Steve Evans and Bob Frey

  20. Scott Kalitta collage: West Coast Choppers 8 x 10 signed by Scott and Jesse James and cards signed by Connie Kalitta, David Grubnic, Doug Kalitta and Glenn Mikres

  21. TV Tommy Ivo poster, signed by TV Tommy himself!

  22. Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins great caricature poster “Super Grump” signed by the artist and Grump himself!

  23. Angelle Sampey 2001 silver Winston bike #1, signed by Angelle and Goerge Bryce

  24. John Force 1999 Superman Funny Car signed by John Force

  25. Courtney Force 2011 “Ice” Funny Car signed by Courtney Force

  26. John Force 2001 10X diecast Mustang Funny Car signed by John Force

  27. 2003 Harley #504 signed by Andrew Hines, Eddie Krawiec, Matt Hines, Terry Vance and Byron Hines. Very tough to get all these guys on one bike! Also, this was the first edition of the Harley diecasts which makes this one rare indeed! Between Matt, Andrew and Eddie they have 10 Championships!

  28. Ashley Force full size “Queen of Hearts” helmet signed all the Force drivers from recent years: John Force, Ashley Force, Brittany Force, Courtney Force, Robert Hight and Mike Nef

  29. Beautiful black helmet with 37 signatures in gold including John Force, Tony Schumacher, Don Schumacher, Ed “Ace” McCulloch, Larry Dixon, Mark Oswald, Jeg Coughlin, Warren Johnson, Ashley Force. Complete list is with helmet

  30. Full size white U.S. flag “Champions and Legends” helmet signed by 27 including NHRA Top 50: Don Garlits, John Force, Terry Vance, Chris Karamesines and 23 NHRA Champions including Bruce Larson, Tony Schumacher, Larry Dixon, Mark Oswald, Matt Hines, Mike Edwards, Greg Anderson, Jason Line, Matt Hagan. Complete list is with helmet.

  31. 2001 U.S. Nationals dragster hauler beautifully signed by Big Daddy Don Garlits in gold

  32. Complete autographed set of 2009 NHRA Countdown cards. This set by itself is very rare as the sets were passed out in very limited quantities. However, having a completely signed set is extremely rare as a number of the racers have not raced in recent years.

  33. Set of 100 signed driver, crew chief, team owner cards including many of the NHRA Top 50, multiple champions, crew chiefs, announcers

  34. Racing mini helmet signed by the greatest champions of all time in their respective classes: John Force, Richard Petty and Mario Andretti. Between these three they have an amazing 453 wins! Petty: 200; Force: 142 (as of April 20, 2015 and counting); Andretti: 111.

  35. Tony Pedregon 1/24 diecast Santana car. Comes with a framed and matted 8 x 10 signed by Carlos Santana!

  36. Cory McClenathen 1997 McDonald’s dragster (not signed)

  37. Eddie Hill 1997 Pennzoil dragster, signed by Eddie-ready to be displayed as is! Very rare as Eddie has rarely been seen at the races for many years.

  38. 2001 U.S. Nationals Motorcycle signed by Antron Brown. Comes in a beautiful display case.

  39. Charlotte 4 wide photo from the fall 2009 Charlotte race: Funny Cars signed by John Force, Mike Neff, Tim Wilkerson and Del Worsham. This was the historic first four wide!

  40. Courtney Force signed, framed and matted ESPN Magazine

  41. Antron Brown signed 11 x 14 of his massive explosion at the 2013 Winternationals. (Photo donated by Mark Rebilas.)

  42. Ron Capps signed 11 x 14 photo of Funny Car blowing up at the 2014 Winternationals

  43. The 2015 race at Brainerd was a historic one. The Elapsed Time and Speed National Records for Top Fuel and Funny Car were set and backed by DSR drivers Beckman, Hagan, Brown and Massey. This item is a collage commemorating that weekend. Includes a summary of the records, signed by Don Schumacher and 4 x 6 photos signed by Matt Hagan, Antron Brown and Jack Beckman. Also included is a 4 x 6 of the four pro class winners. This is a weekend that may be talked about for many years!

  44. Harley Davidson Men’s Jacket

  45. Ignition Power Grid

  46. Programmable Controller, Power Grid

  47. Certificate for one Super Damper Up to $500 Value (Racer Net)

  48. Books, Picture, Magazines and Car Craft Cuff Liks and Tie Bar from John Raffa Collection

  49. Budweiser Crew Shirt – Autographed by Kenny and Brandon

  50. Gary Ormsby’s Castrol Two Piece Fire Site

  51. Joe Amato Jacket

  52. Black Fuzzy Winston Drag Racing Jacket

  53. Budweiser King Pocket Watch

  54. Kenny Bernstein, Brandon Bernstein & M Laborad Photo Framed

  55. Kenny Bernstein Black & White Framed Art

  56. 1984 Tribute Art Framed

  57. 1993 Team Budweiser’s Christmas Card

  58. 2002 Team Collage Framed

  59. Darrell Gwynn’s Book Autographed by the Family

  60. Fire Suite Jacked Worn by Darrell Gwynn

  61. Darrell Gwynn Family Picture – Framed

  62. Darrell Gwynn Picture – Kneeling – Framed & Signed


DRAW Seeks New Board of Trustees for 2016

Would you like to be an important part of helping injured racers?

Join the DRAW Board of Trustees and make a difference!

We are accepting applications for new Board members, especially for those with the following skills: legal, finance, management, administration,

marketing, and public relations.

Every year the Board of Trustees accepts nominations for six of its twelve positions. Trustees serve a two-year term. Board members do not

have to attend all the National events, but do need to be DRAW members. Please read our Trustee Fact Sheet to learn more about the role and

responsibilities of a charity trustee. If you are interested in joining our Board, please submit an application to Ashley Yost.

Board applications must be received by October 15, 2015. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ashley Yost.

DRAW Trustees - Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is to help you understand what a trustee is and does, and what you would need to do if you wanted to become a DRAW trustee.

What is a trustee?

The charity trustees are the people responsible, under the charity's governing document, for controlling the management and administration of the charity.

Who can be a trustee?

Almost anyone can be a trustee if they are over 18 years old, and free from criminal convictions. There are several other conditions including that you

cannot be a trustee if you are in an undischarged bankruptcy or have been removed from trusteeship in the past.

Who appoints trustees?

DRAW trustees are nominated by the standing Board of Trustees, the general membership, or themselves and elected by a vote of the general


What skills are needed to be a trustee?

DRAW trustees need to be prepared to take an active part in the running of the charity and therefore need to be able – and willing - to give time to

 the efficient administration of the charity and the fulfillment of its trusts. The kinds of skills which are needed in the DRAW Board of Trustees include:

 legal, finance, management, administration, marketing, and public relations.

What qualifications do I need?

There are no particular qualifications or experience needed to be a DRAW trustee. However there are a number of personal qualities you should have:

-A commitment to DRAW and a passion for its work

-A willingness and the ability to devote the necessary time and effort

-Honesty and integrity

-The ability and judgment to make decisions

-The vision to take a long term view and plan for the future of DRAW

-A willingness to contribute but also to listen to the views of others

-An ability to work as part of a team

-An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of being a trustee

-A willingness to be involved in work beyond trustee meetings. ie: Committee or working groups

What sort of time commitment does it take to be a DRAW trustee?

-Attend three face to face board meetings

- Actively participate on two committees

- Actively participate in the decision process

- Represent the organization in matters related to the execution of the trust

What are a DRAW trustee's responsibilities?

Trustees are required to act reasonably and prudently in all matters relating to DRAW, and need always to bear in mind that their prime concern is the

interests of the charity. They cannot let their personal views or prejudices affect their conduct as trustees. They need to exercise an appropriate degree

of care in dealing with the administration of the charity. Trustees are also responsible for setting the strategic aims, objectives, and direction of the charity.

The identification of risks arising from activities undertaken and the management of identified risks are important elements in helping to ensure the

strategicaims and objectives of the charity are achieved. Trustees are responsible for ensuring that any fundraising activity carried out by or on behalf

of their charity is properly undertaken, and that all funds collected are properly accounted for.

What is my liability if I am a trustee?

If trustees act prudently, lawfully, and in accordance with their governing, document then any liabilities they incur as trustees can be met out of the

charity's resources. But if they act otherwise they may be in breach of trust and personally responsible for liabilities incurred by or on behalf of the charity,

or for making good any loss to the charity. Since trustees are acting collectively in administering a charity, they will usually be responsible collectively

(the legal term is "jointly and severally") to meet any liability to a third party, which has been incurred by them or on their behalf.

How long do I have to be a trustee for?

DRAW is looking for committed people to be involved and accept the role of Trustee. DRAW Trustees are elected to serve a two-year term. Trustees can

 be elected to serve unlimited consecutive terms.

Will I get paid?

No, the DRAW trustee positions are voluntary and the trustees should not be benefiting from the organization that they are running. However, DRAW

trustees are compensated for travel to required Board meetings at the rate of $2,200.00 per year.

I am interested in becoming a DRAW Trustee, what do I do now? Obtain a Board of Trustees application from the DRAWing Attention Newsletter,


it from the drawonline.org website – www.drawonline.org. Or see attached. Send the completed application to the address indicated by the due date.

Drag Racing Association of Women

DRAW Board of Trustees Application for 2016

Please submit the following to DRAW

Ashley Yost 475 Glenn Villa Lane Unit 147, Avon, IN 46123


or fax to 217 531-7992



City, State & Zip:_______________________________________________________________



Draw Position(s) Held:______________________________________________________________

Time donated to Draw or other volunteer activities:___________________________________________________________

Drag Racing Affiliation, if any:_______________________________________________________________

NHRA Event(s) attended in 2015:______________________________________________________________

NHRA Event(s) planning to attend in 2016:______________________________________________________________

Current Employment (optional)__________________________________________________________

Computer Skills (optional)__________________________________________________________

Hobbies (optional)__________________________________________________________

Any other information you would like us to know:_____________________________________________________________


Meet a DRAW Rockstar!
 Story by Chris Hardesty

I was fortunate enough to meet Kelley (Ike) Isenhower at the Raceview Family Campground during this years U.S. Nationals. He was playing on a stage in the campground surrounded by a crowd of screaming fans. I heard him say something about "all proceeds go to DRAW" well needless to say that caught my attention so I talked to him after the show. Here is a guy that you dont hear about, playing his heart out on stage and giving the proceeds to the Drag Racing Association of Women. I asked him to tell me his story and how he started getting involved with DRAW.
He started attending the U.S. Nationals in 1991 with his brother and father. He was hooked after he saw the first Top Fuel Dragster run down the track. This event quickly became a tradition every Labor Day for him and his family. He remembers that his mom and dad would get to every final race early and stop by the DRAW booth to donate a little cash and pick up a ladder sheet so they could keep track of their favorite drivers throughout the day. Some 25 years later they still do the same thing.
Ike started donating small amounts to DRAW every year and decided in 2013 to try something different. He has been a touring musician for over 20 years, playing in excess of 240 shows per year. He has been putting on a concert at the Raceview Family Campgrounds every year starting in 1996. The concerts started small, sitting around campfires with close friends. Over the years, more people would show up to listen and eventually he started using a stage and a large PA system. He brought a couple of bands out to play and the crowds just kept getting bigger.
In 2013 at the 59th US Nationals he decided to try and raise some money and his father mentioned that they should do something for DRAW. He was able to get an acoustic guitar donated by IRC Music in Indianapolis and with the help from some great friends was able to get the guitar autographed by about 20 professional drag racers. That evening he played his show to a crowd of about 400+ people and started selling raffle tickets for the guitar. Towards the end of the night they drew the winning number and gave it away but only after raising about $1200 from the raffle. A few other donations took the total to almost $1400! Ike and his father delivered the money to the DRAW booth Monday morning before the finals. The look on the eyes of the ladies at the booth was very heartwarming, they were very thankful and so was he.
Ike played this past Labor Day weekend at the 61st US Nationals and it was his 20th year at the campground. He purchased an event flag, got about 13 driver autographs raffled it off that night at the show. The flag raised $250 and with the help of some friends from Fort Wayne (Team Social) they were able to sell some T-shirts they had made. Between the shirts and the flag Ike was able to present the ladies at the DRAW booth $500 on Monday morning.
Ike has done a lot of gigs in his career for many different charities including the American Cancer Society, Loop for Life, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Wounded Warriors, Craven for the Cure, Red Mask Foundation, Alzheimers Research, SIDS, College Mentors for Kids and Care-N-Share to name a few. Its always been a joy for him to provide music for these charitable events. Ike plays music because he loves it, if there are those whos day can be brightened by what he does, then he is going to continue doing it. Ike is going to continue supporting DRAW every year, as he truly loves the sport of drag racing and the mission that the great people at DRAW follow, "Fast Help for Fast Friends".  Its his pleasure to be associated with such a grear organization as DRAW and he looks forward to raising more money in the future. Come check out his website at www.reverbnation.com/ikeguitar for future events.
Ike is a solid example of the people we do not hear about that are regular donors to DRAW and have been for years. If you know of anybody like him, tell me about it. Send the details to me via email at harbone66@gmail.com and I will post up the story right here in the website.

U.S. Nationals Photos


DRAW 50/50 Indy drawing

The winning number of the 50/50 raffle held at the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, IN, during labor day weekend was 084567. The winner has been contacted.

Pictured: Kenley Freeman, Ava Self, Berkley McGaha,
Alix Ferri, Alexis Thompson, Chloe Thompson,
Gabriella Thompson with Sarah McLemore


Sunday morning at the O'Reilly Spring Nationals, Baytown,TX seven young girls with Elite Motorsports came to the DRAW booth to donate money to DRAW. Over the weekend these girls worked hard designing bracelets and selling them to racers and fans. They wanted to do something special with the money they had made from their sale.

They decided to donate at least half of their proceeds to DRAW!

We truly appreciate their generosity in making their donation to help the injured racers.



Make an online donation to DRAW by clicking the "donate" button below
If you would like to make your donation in memory of someone please make sure to add a note on the PayPal donation page under "add special instructions to the seller" so we know whom to dedicate it to
Make sure to visit the DRAW Booth at every NHRA National Event this 2015 season!

2015 marks the 30th year that DRAW (Drag Racing Association of Women) Booth has been a part of NHRA National Events, in its quest to raise money to provide financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in drag racing accidents at a track. In 1986 it started out as a Snow Cone Booth.  It was a very small booth that was put together with PVC Pipes.  It was only opened when someone was available to operate it. 
T-Shirts with the DRAW Logo on it and raffle tickets for a trip to Hawaii (donated by Hawaiian Punch) were the only things sold out of the booth. 
In the late 80’s we moved to a pop-up tent and added other things to our merchandise. We would try to open the booth late Friday and then have it open on Saturday and Sunday. We tried to have it open every race, but if members were not available to work... 

In the 90’s additional items were introduced for sale and the booth was moved from a pop up tent, to operate from a trailer on manufacturers midway.  In 1992, John Raffa approached us about sell sterling silver automotive jewelry. This has turned out to be very popular item.  In the early 90’s NHRA approached DRAW to sell qualifying and ladder sheets to the sportsmen racers and fans.  In order to do that, we had to commit to having the booth open the day the sportsmen racers ran their qualifying rounds meaning the booth was open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For a few years, different people would keep the booth open at different events, but it started to become harder and harder to find someone available every day, all day, every event. In 1998 Terry & Rosalee Noble had both retired and volunteered to become the permanent workers at the DRAW Booth for all of the NHRA National Events.  At the couple North East, Pat Shaeffer volunteered to run the National Booth.

As the 2015 NHRA Mello Yellow Drag Racing Season begins, the DRAW Booth will can once again be found amongst the many contingency and marketing sponsors located on the midway in the pits.  The DRAW Booth will once again be sharing space on Kip Rhoton’s (KJR Motorsports) rig with companies such as K&N Filters, Lincoln Electric and several other contingency sponsors.

 So if you are at one the 24 NHRA Mello Yellow Drag Racing National Events please stop by the DRAW Booth.  See what it has to offer.  DRAW always enjoys visiting with-well just about everyone. 
See you at the track….

The History Lesson

Deb Thompson, DRAW Historian

I have a complete file drawer full of “thank-you” cards and notes and pictures sent from racers and family members that DRAW has helped through the years.
Each and every person sending a thank-you had a need to express their appreciation for the help they received from DRAW when they really needed it. Some quotes: “Just knowing you were there for us means more than we can ever say.” “God bless you for being there when  we needed you.” “I want to thank you
for all the help you have given and you have given greatly. I firmly believe that it also was largely due to you (DRAW) that put him in a good frame of mind.”
“All of you should be extremely proud of the work you are doing helping those in their time of need. I never imagined we would be on the receiving end one
day.” I spoke to an injured racer, Larry Turner, and his wife, Becky. Larry was involved in an accident in his super comp  roadster in May 2014. He suffered a
leg fracture, seven fractured ribs and a punctured lung. In talking with each of them, the one thing they both said was how amazed they were at DRAW’s quick response. Rosalee Noble called while Larry was still in the hospital, and he was only in the hospital for 4 days. Becky particularly appreciated the concerns and caring she received from the then complete stranger, Rosalee, who offered her help so unexpectedly and when she needed it the most. Larry and Becky now
call themselves “ambassadors” for DRAW as they feel they can’t say enough good things about the organization and continue to pass the word about what we
do, becoming a member, making a donation, supporting DRAW. After 30 years of Fast Help for Fast Friends, there are still people in the drag racing community unsure about everything that DRAW does. And, we can only give that quick response and “Fast Help” when we are aware of an accident. Let’s keep spreading
the word about our grand organization, what we do, how to support DRAW, and always remember to report an accident o DRAW anytime you become aware of one. We are all very proud of the help DRAW is able to give!
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                    Some E-Mail Addresses Lost

Due to a computer malfunction early this year, some email addresses were lost. The e-mails that were effected the most were those with membership numbers from 9800 on. Some were backed up but some were not and are gone. Look at the front of your newsletter to see your Membership Number is printed on the label with your name and
also see if your E-Mail address is correct. I believe that all Memberships have been fixed in the computer but there was no E-Mail Data for a lot of the latest membership from 9800 on. If you would like to have the E-Mail version of the newsletter only and get this by mail just E-Mail Olan Gotcher at olan@jographix.com and put your Name, E-Mail Address and say E-Mail only and I will get it taken care of.
Sorry for the inconvenience but sometime there is no other means of getting information back. I have instituted a new backup procedure to correct this problem in the future.

Olan Gotcher
DRAW Membership Secretary

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Committee and Volunteer Opportunities for 2015
In 2015, DRAW will mark its 30th year of providing "Fast Help for Fast Friends." It takes the time and talent of many people to make our mission a reality. There are many ways you can help make 2015 DRAW's best year ever.

DRAW's lifeblood is dedicated volunteers. You can make a valuable contribution to DRAW by joining one of our committees: Website, Newsletter, Membership, Fundraising, Injured Racer Calling, and others that might arise during the year. If you are interested in volunteering or joining one of DRAW's committees, please submit an
application to Rosalee Noble, 4 Hance Dr., Charleston Ill. 61920 Email: rnoble@consolidated.com