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DRAW's motto is "Fast Help For Fast Friends" and our sole mission is providing financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in a drag racing accident at a track.

Financial assistance paid 1985-2014 - $4,183,942
Number of families assisted 1985-2014 -  825

Amount of aid paid out in 2014 - $128,500

Number of families assisted in 2014 - 30
During the month of November DRAW paid out $13,500 in aid and helped 12 families

Pictured: Kenley Freeman, Ava Self, Berkley McGaha,
Alix Ferri, Alexis Thompson, Chloe Thompson,
Gabriella Thompson with Sarah McLemore


Sunday morning at the O'Reilly Spring Nationals, Baytown,TX seven young girls with Elite Motorsports came to the DRAW booth to donate money to DRAW. Over the weekend these girls worked hard designing bracelets and selling them to racers and fans. They wanted to do something special with the money they had made from their sale.

They decided to donate at least half of their proceeds to DRAW!

We truly appreciate their generosity in making their donation to help the injured racers.



DRAW goes Hollywood via Rodger Brogdon!

Here is a photo of one of our most ardent supporters, Rodger Brogdon, at Gainesville. Notice the 30th anniversary logos on his car. The large one on the roof post and the smaller one on the driver's door window. The small one is in a coveted spot, that is where the TV cameras focus on the starting line.
Thanks again Rodger for all you do for DRAW! 
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DRAW Fast Help
Make sure to visit the DRAW Booth at every NHRA National Event this 2015 season!

2015 marks the 30th year that DRAW (Drag Racing Association of Women) Booth has been a part of NHRA National Events, in its quest to raise money to provide financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in drag racing accidents at a track. In 1986 it started out as a Snow Cone Booth.  It was a very small booth that was put together with PVC Pipes.  It was only opened when someone was available to operate it. 
T-Shirts with the DRAW Logo on it and raffle tickets for a trip to Hawaii (donated by Hawaiian Punch) were the only things sold out of the booth. 
In the late 80’s we moved to a pop-up tent and added other things to our merchandise. We would try to open the booth late Friday and then have it open on Saturday and Sunday. We tried to have it open every race, but if members were not available to work... 

In the 90’s additional items were introduced for sale and the booth was moved from a pop up tent, to operate from a trailer on manufacturers midway.  In 1992, John Raffa approached us about sell sterling silver automotive jewelry. This has turned out to be very popular item.  In the early 90’s NHRA approached DRAW to sell qualifying and ladder sheets to the sportsmen racers and fans.  In order to do that, we had to commit to having the booth open the day the sportsmen racers ran their qualifying rounds meaning the booth was open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For a few years, different people would keep the booth open at different events, but it started to become harder and harder to find someone available every day, all day, every event. In 1998 Terry & Rosalee Noble had both retired and volunteered to become the permanent workers at the DRAW Booth for all of the NHRA National Events.  At the couple North East, Pat Shaeffer volunteered to run the National Booth.

As the 2015 NHRA Mello Yellow Drag Racing Season begins, the DRAW Booth will can once again be found amongst the many contingency and marketing sponsors located on the midway in the pits.  The DRAW Booth will once again be sharing space on Kip Rhoton’s (KJR Motorsports) rig with companies such as K&N Filters, Lincoln Electric and several other contingency sponsors.

 So if you are at one the 24 NHRA Mello Yellow Drag Racing National Events please stop by the DRAW Booth.  See what it has to offer.  DRAW always enjoys visiting with-well just about everyone. 
See you at the track….

The History Lesson

Deb Thompson, DRAW Historian

30 years old as of February 2015! While most of us don’t “appreciate” growing older each year, each year is another celebration for DRAW accomplishing its goal of helping the injured racer. Sometimes on monumental birthdays, we look back to the world happenings that year. So I decided to take a look back to what was taking place in the year of our birth, 1985. The President was Ronald Reagan. Average income $22,100. Average new car price $9,005. Gas cost $1.09 a gallon. Microsoft released its first version of Windows 1.0. The song “We Are The World” was recorded as USA for Africa famine relief. Coca-Cola changed the formula and released New Coke, which had a negative response and the original formula was back in less than 3 months. As I was searching out all this information, I found that the first commercially available cell phone was just 2 years previous in 1983! I also searched for drag racing news in 1985 and found the champions in the pro classes for NHRA to be Don Garlits in Top Fuel, Kenny Bernstein in Funny Car and Bob Glidden in Pro Stock. So here we are in 2015, the racing season beginning, our New Year’s resolutions made. We wouldn’t be celebrating this 30th birthday without you. You know the sayings: “It takes a neighborhood.” “The church is its members.” The same is true: DRAW is its members/volunteers, it takes all of us. I was invited to a New Year’s Day dinner with fellow racers that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I sat there listening to an old racing friend talk about his recent surgery, his recovery, and being out of his job with no income; and to my dismay and embarrassment, I found he was talking about injuries he sustained in a drag racing accident last October. Clearly this was something DRAW should be assisting him with. NO ONE REPORTED IT! He didn’t realize DRAW would help him. Make it your resolution for 2015 in honor of our 30 years together to listen for and report accidents. Ten reports on 1 accident are better than 0 reports. It’s the least we can do and the most important thing we can do as volunteers for DRAW! Let’s get this birthday party started!

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                    Some E-Mail Addresses Lost

Due to a computer malfunction early this year, some email addresses were lost. The e-mails that were effected the most were those with membership numbers from 9800 on. Some were backed up but some were not and are gone. Look at the front of your newsletter to see your Membership Number is printed on the label with your name and
also see if your E-Mail address is correct. I believe that all Memberships have been fixed in the computer but there was no E-Mail Data for a lot of the latest membership from 9800 on. If you would like to have the E-Mail version of the newsletter only and get this by mail just E-Mail Olan Gotcher at olan@jographix.com and put your Name, E-Mail Address and say E-Mail only and I will get it taken care of.
Sorry for the inconvenience but sometime there is no other means of getting information back. I have instituted a new backup procedure to correct this problem in the future.

Olan Gotcher
DRAW Membership Secretary

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Committee and Volunteer Opportunities for 2015
In 2015, DRAW will mark its 30th year of providing "Fast Help for Fast Friends." It takes the time and talent of many people to make our mission a reality. There are many ways you can help make 2015 DRAW's best year ever.

DRAW's lifeblood is dedicated volunteers. You can make a valuable contribution to DRAW by joining one of our committees: Website, Newsletter, Membership, Fundraising, Injured Racer Calling, and others that might arise during the year. If you are interested in volunteering or joining one of DRAW's committees, please submit an
application to Rosalee Noble, 4 Hance Dr., Charleston Ill. 61920 Email: rnoble@consolidated.com